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NSL 2018 Launch Report (part 1)
          Launch Report    NSL 2018 (part 1)

    May 26th, 2018. 9:15am. Saturday. As I came up on the field, the first thing I noticed was ‘look at all those vehicles’. A impressive site for that field.
    This weekend the weather was very corapited, we had high grey clouds some light and some dark colored. There was a low to moderate winds through the days. And the Sun finally made a full appearance later on Sunday and most of Monday.
    On Sunday night we had our 3rd annual night launch we put up somewhere between 45 and 60 flights. (The flight cards got mixed up).
    The club had on loan to us from NAR, low power pads. The Syracuse Rocket Club brought a bunch of high powered pads for us to use. And with our pads we were able to fly, I believe, 76 pads. In 2 banks, a left  an and a right bank. 25 low powered pads, 7 mid powered pads. And the rest were high powered, which 2 were L and M.and 1 that was for N powered rockets
The high powered pads were in almost constant use. Once we got our footing there was a couple rockets in the air at any given time.

Now we come to the breakdown of flights per day.
I'm not going to list every motor that was flown by sub headings, so I will list them according to family groups.
L2  NAR 89463....TRA 14014

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