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July 23rd & 24th launch
For the weekend we had plenty of sunshine for both days. The winds were strong on Saturday but not strong enough to shut the range down. we had a few high power flights, and a decent showing of low power flights.  A group of scouts showed up and flew there Alphas.
 Sunday was almost a perfect day, plenty of sun and almost no wind. We saw more high power flights. what little breeze that showed up was only the results of thermals moving through the area.
 We had a couple Level 1 Cert flights this weekend.
  Wayne Hayes flew a Loc Forte on I 212    And
  Dan McNeal  flew a Loc V-2 on a  H 163   Congrats to you both.

Marybeth and Bill Clune flew their "Miss Riley" on its 50th flight this sunday.

 MaryBeth Clune and Dennis Jurus help me run the range on sunday  and I Thank you two very much for the help.

 Now for the flights summery

T)        17
!/2 A)   3
A)        10
B)        49
C)        47
D)        16
E)         5
F)         12
G)        11
H)        7
I)         1
J)         2
K)        2
L)        1
Unknown0) 2
Tumble recovery        4
Helicopter                 2
2 Stagers                  2
Gliders                     3
2 Eng. cluster           (2) C6-3
(2) 4 Eng. cluster     (4) C6-5,       (4) G80-10
5 Eng. cluster        This was a compound cluster
                             1 Single use H-135-10
                             4 E12-0 which were plugged

We had 1 flight scrubbed due to ignition failure.

hope I got everything send me corrections if you have any

L2  NAR 89463....TRA 14014
Mike thanks for the Launch Report!

I wish we could have stayed for cleanup but it was WAY TO HOT! MB and I both had the "shakes" that night from to much heat!
Bill Clune L2 | NAR#88583
Awesome job Mike as always!!!!!
MaryBeth Clune L3
M2100 MG

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