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NYPOWER 20 is coming!
T minus 2 months until NYPOWER 20 becomes reality ... It will be one fun launch weekend!
We will be auctioning off some rare Estes kits.
NYPOWER 20 will feature the first night launch Geneseo has seen! (Be sure to have your LEDs ready to go.)
We may have some LED sticks available for sale.
Since WNY'ers always know how to eat well, we will once again be offering BBQ lunches from the 3 Legged Pig.
Be sure to check out our NYPOWER website: NYPOWER.ORG
See you all in May! Smile
Greg Young - L3
NAR #42065
TRA #00234
Thanks for the reminder Greg! I sure need it! ?
MaryBeth Clune L3
M2100 MG
NYPOWER is coming! Springtime, rockets, and the smell of AP (for some). What a combination. I always look forward to this event, as I get to see the membership, renew friendships, talk rocket shop, check out everyone's rockets they brought, and above all, peruse the rocket vendors for "stuff". Smile
Jim Goggins NAR  L3

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