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Kit Attenuator Build
Saw someone at an URRG launch with one of these kits, so I bought a couple to try out.  They're available here-

Circuit board included, through hole soldering, nothing too terribly hard to get to work, as long as you've had a decent amount of simple soldering experience.  Drilling the holes in the case is probably more challenging depending on equipment.

Followed the directions and got it together, and like, OMG... it works!  There's a trimmer on the board that will allow for attenuation tuning beyond what the knob does, and I think I need to play with that.  Like the arrow antennas attenuator it's very sensitive.  Right now it's freezing cold and windy so we'll have to wait for warmer weather to continue experimenting. 

Arrow's device is $59 plus shipping.  This was $8, plus shipping, buying a box, a pair of co-ax connectors, and a whole bunch of assembly time.  Not sure which is the better deal!  I'll report back later when I get a chance to tune it.  As is, at full attenuation, it does kill the signal completely at about 20ft outdoors.

I don't have assembly pics, didn't have the camera when I was soldering.




I can make a cooler box for that....
John Derimiggio
You can extrude metal?  :-)

Thought shielding boxes were important for these things.

Try it out of the box, I bet it works just as well. Its just a mixer. Who makes metal boxed radios anymore? Didn't you see The Graduate?
John Derimiggio

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