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Launch Report October 3rd & 4th
Well for those who did not show up Saturday, we still had plenty of rockets in the air even with the light rain all day.
Some children show up and had a birthday party fly day.
Sunday was a lot better weather wise. with sun and high clouds.
A Team from RIT came out to check out the club and get some information from us. I believe Tom Ha talked to them and Tom Cohen show them the Set Up of the rockets on the pads.

We had one Level 1 cert flight by Maher Alchtar, who flew a SUPER BATRAY on a  H 143 Smokey Sam. his flight was successful. Congrats.

Also Tom McCarthy had a Birthday on Sunday.  Both of his high power flights landed at the flight line. The Rocket gods smiled on him that day.

  T)      13
  B)      14
  C)      55
  D)      11
  E)      9
  F)      14
  G)    16
  H)    6
  I)      9
  J)      3
  k)      2
  M)    2

  2 STAGERS    3
  SAUCERS        1
  TUMBLE          1
3 Eng. CLUSTER  1

{Please feel free to correct me if I made a mistake.
L2  NAR 89463....TRA 14014
Mike thanks for doing this!
Bill Clune L2 | NAR#88583
Sounds like everyone had a blast even with the uncooperative weather.  Wish I could have made it. 

Someone please make sure that Dave R. gets all of the certifications flown this year.

Thanks to all of you that made this YEAR a success.  Also to all the members and fliers; It was wonderful seeing all of you this year and I hope to see everyone at the banquet.
Jim Goggins NAR  L3

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