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a contest on October 3.
Hi everyone,  I have decided to offer up 4 bags of mini chocolate bars for this contest.
entry fee is to fly one rocket per guess. Yes I said guess. Most of you know that I have "hot rodded" a estes Red Max.
it will be its 12th flight. It will fly on a CTI  E-75  V-MAX motor.
there will be four categories to place your guess in.
They are.........Maximum Altitude (in feet), .........Maximum Speed,(in  MPH)......Maximum G-force,.....and Average G-force..    G-force guesses should be in tenths.  ie  2.2g    3.8g    1.7gs
All measurements will be done by the Jolly Logic Altimeter 2.

I will be the judge as well as whoever is the LCO at the time.
standard contest rules apply. Closest guess without going over wins that category.  NO DUPLICATE GUESSES, so if someone already choose your guess, you will have to choose another.
Hopefully I will fly between 3 and 3:30 Saturday.

Good Luck to all

L2  NAR 89463....TRA 14014
Well?...Who won what?  Smile
Jim Goggins NAR  L3
It was a non event,  so no one
L2  NAR 89463....TRA 14014

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