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Pad parts
I once built some launch pads for MARS, and the Syracuse people, and maybe a few others here and there. I dunno where any of them are anymore, but I do know where some leftover parts are. I have side plates for the 2" square tube leg style pad, 8 pairs, and a pair for the 3" square tube leg version.

See picture here:

Free to a good home, similar pricing to any other kind. Pickup in Chili NY, ship for cost, maybe deliver to October launch. I can provide CAD geometry or possibly drawings for the additional parts needed to build a pad from these.
Jim, I would be interested in the pad parts that you have. I'll be at the October Launch on the 3rd, maybe the 4th too. I can also arrange to pick up at your house if you don't make the launch. Your pads were the best!!!
I just wanna fly ROCKETS!!

Still are the best...... MARS has 4 + two bigger ones, and a batch of clones were made, of which we have I think 3 or 4....

Can I get the CAD files?

Drop me a PM or e-mail (mrw@lsh85 (@+) gmail (dot) c0m)


Mike Walsh
I like rockets!
Parts are all gone.

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