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My L3 Project
Ah that age old debate!  Which end does the swivel go on?  The answer is both!  John is right - replace the wimpy swivel with something that will hold up for repeated launches.

Dale Stoyer - L3
NAR #91256
TRA #13499
Just getting to this...  I did use 2  1/4-20 threaded rods to hold the forward ring to the next one aft, which is interlocked to the fins. I did not go all the way down, though because of the interlocking fins and also because I had wooden spars also holding everything together in addition to being anchors for my rail buttons.

I am going to use 30' x 1" nylon shock cords that are sewn on both ends.

Also, the second benefit of having the forward centering ring where the shock cord is mounted is that it creates less volume of air that needs to be displaced during recovery. So I should be able to use less BP.
Evan Brown
NAR# 92851
Level 2

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