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Rail button w/standoff's
Does anyone know of a supplier of rail-buttons (1010) that are thicker on the bottom to serve as a standoff so the rail doesn't scratch the airframe?? I know of separate standoffs but they tend to move the rail too far. Ive seen Ken with some larger 1212 buttons that have a thicker bottom but he doesn't have pictures on his website.

No I haven't seen rail buttons as such.  How about use a nylon washer or 2 to get more distance?
John Derimiggio
Yep, Ive done that on a number of my rockets. Its just interesting that no has come up with these yet. Same with switches, I have yet to find an altimeter switch I like. 
Good altimeter switches don't exist, I've looked.  I want a clean airframe, so internal switch.... that you have to find through a hole in the rocket while on tiptoe at a pad...  I've done screw switches (homemade, and the little ones from Featherweight) and latching push-on, push off switches (mounted sideways internally, ya poke 'em with a stick).  Neither one is always the answer depending on rocket diameter.

I see why featherweight altimeters tried out the magnetic switch idea, it's pretty easy to use (if it's close to the surface of the rocket, from what I hear)

(10-29-2013, 09:06 PM)Nat Kinsey link Wrote: Good altimeter switches don't exist, I've looked. 


Edit: Want a clean airframe. Mount this switch on the inside of your alt bay with a window to access the slide.
Strong detent on the position but if you are nervous just insert a block in on the slide and tape over.
10A contact rating, DPDT allows switching two altimeters at once.
About $5 from
[Image: V;maxh=98,maxw=98.jpg]
John Derimiggio
That could work well, especially if mounted at 90 degrees to the vertical to keep the "g load" crowd happy.  Now to find them or similar in solder lug termination.

The one pictured is solder lug.
John Derimiggio
I spoke with Ken and he has the buttons that I am looking for. Listed on his site as "extreme rail buttons" for the 1515 and "Jr" for the 1010. He sells them with a rubber expanding plug with I do not use but the buttons have a nice standoff from the airframe. 


John K.

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