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Wat's your deal this winter?!
Was just curious what everyone is working on this winter!

Post builds, modifications, etc... 

I plan on:
* finishing my 4" diameter upscale of the Estes Scorpius
* an Estes Leviathan that I just picked up today at Hobby Lobby for $21 (and plan on DD'ing)
* modifying the WAC Corporal's av bay for better setup and ease of operation (I can't see the LED's of the altimeters in the av bay as well as I can see them on a 3" rocket)
* LOC Minnie Magg

I think those will keep me busy for a while. I probably won't paint over the winter.. 

What about YOUSE?
I like rockets!
In order of priority
  • Finish Kill Bill avionics bay
  • 8" Honest John, 75mm central, 4 38mm for M drag race with Vileria
  • MARSA-ARM (next generation MARSA with tilt gyro)
John Derimiggio
trying to get the Starship Vega version 2 ready for Spring and the Switchblade kit ready for Christmas.

David  Big Grin
Actually most of my rocket stuff gets pushed aside for winter.  Most of them get built in the spring because I figure why bother if I cant fly them for months, and I dont have the kind of huge projects that take months to build.

But for next season, I'll be going smaller than my trend was going.  I just moved out of my parents house, so I'm going to have to start maximizing the performance of smaller (cheaper) motors.  I did get a tracker so expect to see something Weasel-y going about a mile on a 29mm full H or barely-an-I.

I do have a Wildman Vindicator Jr waiting to be built, but it probably wont be used at every launch.
Working on my 6 inch x-15 right now..   
plan next a  Talon 3..

then if time allows a bigger Phenix 4 inch version..

All are capable of K motors

Maybe make the Mini Magg a dual deploy
L2  NAR 89463....TRA 14014
I have a few things. I have another Estes Big Daddy to build as well as a Hi-Flier XL. Then there is my L3 project, a 3x upscale of an Estes Der V-3. A couple other thoughts are a 4x upscale of an Estes Advanced Target Drone (Kit #1913) which would fly on 54mm moonburners, and a bigger version of the Amish Missile.
Evan Brown
NAR# 92851
Level 2

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