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$400 will get all!
(07-25-2013, 09:28 AM)Ken Kressler link Wrote: How low do you want from me??  Sad

Ken your best market will be at NYPOWER.  Setup a table and a sign and you probably will get your best price. 
John Derimiggio
I don't want to be there and get mocked at. I rather sell to one privately. I think I will finish kits myself!!

You guys.......ah, forget it.

This subject is closed.  :Smile

Ken, the guys were trying to be helpful.
No one would be mocking you.
Lighten up!
Greg Young - L3
NAR #42065
TRA #00234
8)  Hello Folks,

To let you all that I SOLD the whole things and see you all sometimes.
Nat, I, Ken Kressler, requested to close my membership until I am ready to come back. Cheerios to everybody. (Salute) C you all near future.
So long Ken, Hope to see you back in the future.
John Derimiggio

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