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$400 will get all!
Hello all,
I have come to make decision to sell all of my rockets and 38 mm motor casings. I have one unpainted Initator and Madcow Torrent DD 38 mm HPR with all necessary items to complete this kit that including  used 38mm motor casings. Initator is finished, but unpainted.
Both rockets have retainers in the kits. And one 54 mm J motor to sell along with them. I wanted to sell all of them for $400 and don't want to sell separately, please.

Ken Kressler :-\
What casings, number of closures?  What is the J load? 

Is the Madcow rocket built? Partially built?

I bet you can sell the casings and the reload as separate items... 

The Initiator is partly done and it need painting and add decals. Torrent was sold by Apogee and it is designed to use 38 mm motors.
One closure and the nozzle thing. The casings are: 38/240, 38/360, 38/480 and 38/600 by RMS. And Pro 38-3G case.
The HPR Torrent is not finish, requires more work to complete the kit.
The J motor is for 54 mm HPR. It is J415W.
I hope you got my photos in your email. Please let me know if you didn't get them then I will send one photo per email, OK?
I'll take it. You all think that I'm asking too much, eh?? Sad
Your price is probably high, yes. 

A quick calculation shows a starter set of AT cases plus two closures and seal disk, plus additional 600 case, and the CTI 3grain, and the J415 load to come out to ~$363, straight retail-- for new hardware from Wildman.

It's hard to sell partially built rocket kits for very much, if at all, as everyone wants to build their own!


OK, $360 for the whole stuffs including rockets, please!!
Ken, are you dropping out of the hobby completely???
Greg Young - L3
NAR #42065
TRA #00234
Yes, I figured that it would take me a while to save a lot of money on buying motors. And stock up necessary products like Nat told me.
$100 for one motor is not an idea way to spend and it is almost like throwing money away to casino. Nothing come back and remote control models fuels or electrics save a lot more than spending on rocket motors.
I like astronomy the best and I have nothing to loose.
If I have a couple thousands of dollars then I would stay in this HPR or simple Estes things. I am tapped out right now.
Enjoy your NYPOWER weekend.
If you guys want the 38 mm casings, parts and one 54 mm J415 motor without the rockets. Then I will sell them for $300 and that's that.

Ken Kressler
How low do you want from me??  Sad
I'll offer $75 for both rockets. I see that retail is about $175, but building them is the best part. I'd add them to my fleet for $75.
I'll be there at the field Friday around noon and stay through Sunday afternoon when I have to drive home.

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