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NYPOWER 17 Contest - "Art of Design"
NYPOWER 2013 Contest:  “The Art of Design”

Put your building and design skills to the test with our contest this year!  Grab parts from your stash and build a rocket(s) to fly on engines up to G size.

Guidelines/rules are below:

-- Any model may be entered but it must be an original build-- no commercial kits.  Kit bashing is fine, use of commercial / custom parts is fine, of course.  Build to fly on engines up to G size.

--Models will be displayed near the registration/safety check tent and will be judged by all registered fliers at NYPOWER.

--Enter as many models as you like. 

Prize categories:

1)      Up thru age 17

2)      18 thru adult

3)      Grand Champion

Judging criteria:

Originality (5 pts)
Special Features (ex: staging (black powder motors only), glide recovery, etc) (5pts)
Finish/Workmanship (5 pts)
Flight (5 pts)
*** Note:  Any model that isn't flown during the weekend will be disqualified

Ok, Guys, what have you got?

I have two designs I am trying to get ready for the contest.

So..... no interest? :'(

Nobody has any original ideas for contest models??

I guess I'll win  ;D
This sounds like an interesting contest.  I am not sure if I will have anything finished in time, but my son is working on an upscale Solar Warriorish looking rocket that will fly on D power.  I will let him know about the proposed contest.  Who knows, it may inspire him to be a little more creative.
Unfinished may still win if it beats on the other point criteria. Besides, if only a few enter..... :-)

Okay all ya'll - I've got this hands down. The Gnome is going to NYPower 17! JD's fav I'd like to add.....

[attachment deleted by admin]
Very impressive Linda!  8)
If she flies as good as she looks, you will certainly have a winner there!  Smile
Greg Young - L3
NAR #42065
TRA #00234
Picture of the Gnome? Smile

What is it powered by?

John Derimiggio
Is the Gnome a kit? If so, no go....

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