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Cosmic Cucumber
I brought my work-in-progress Cosmic Cucumber (Think Arlo Guthrie...Motorcycle Song - The Significance of the Pickle) which has a tailcone formed by cutting wedges into the blue tube and bending what's left to form the cone. There is a build thread on this on the rocketry forum and there are a number of photos, of you want to see it.
Evan Brown
NAR# 92851
Level 2
Great job on the build Evan, that tailcone looks great!
Can't wait to see it after its final paint job!
Greg Young - L3
NAR #42065
TRA #00234
It's getting there. Decals are from Stickershock23. I need to repaint the nose cone. The glitter coat on the opposite side cracked pretty badly. There are also around 30 more star, Saturn, and smiling moon decals to go on.

[Image: Cosmic Cucumber\Decals 1]

[attachment deleted by admin]
Evan Brown
NAR# 92851
Level 2

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