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JD Extreme Darkstar Build Thread
After careful consideration from the peanut gallery on the harness snag concerns I have come up with design solution that even amazes me.

The unarmed toggle position with have the levels away from each other.  The armed position is towards each other.  Thus the snag point is eliminated. If a harness gets close to the switches (unlikely in the first place) it will simply slide off.

[Image: Wile-E-Coyote.jpg.gif]
John Derimiggio
NYPOWER, 14 CP and I were working as HP Pad managers when Michael Paniccia came up with some rocket, it had toggles on it. I didn't like the Idea and neither did Dave R but it went threw RSO. I remember him saying how guys always give him crap about them and getting real upset when CP adjusted his rail out.
blah blah the altimeter turned off after apogee and that was it. Not to happy was he!

I started using 110/220 switches mounted to the sled, and using a long screwdriver to turn them on threw the vent holes. I could talk about battery holders now but that would inflame my carpal tunnel again.

Transmission complete
MaryBeth Clune L3
M2100 MG
Regular toggles are a bad idea.  Mine are "locking lever".  Regular toggle switches will move with the deployment jerk.  Apples-Carburetors comparison.  Did you ever see the inside of the Apollo command module?  Toggle switches up the ying-yang!

I am old.  I need to have "no tools" required at the pads.  Wait to you see these switches, you will be hooked!
John Derimiggio
Either that, or your harness, clothes , etc....  ;D

JD you not that old!
Bill Clune L2 | NAR#88583
Pic of rocket after paint (but before decals).

[Image: sections.JPG]
John Derimiggio
Nice work John!
Did you inject the internal fillets, or apply them in another fashion?
Greg Young - L3
NAR #42065
TRA #00234
I injected them as per Wildman instructions except I used silica and not chopped CF.
John Derimiggio

The chopped F/G is strong but it plugs up the syringes if you don't get them small enough.
Bill Clune L2 | NAR#88583
I think you're good to go... unscrewing eyebolts, taped together harness, no propellant, exploding hybrid motors..... it's definitely time for a new failure mode.  :o

Seriously, as far as snagging on stuff, I think you rarely see an apogee event get tangled (especially drogue - less) and frequently see the main event get tangled.  The main usually because the streamlined nose section is pointing down when the charge fires and the far draggier fin can is trailing and flies through the harnesses and stuff that was just deployed upside down.  Your rocket will probably try to do this, so if it does tangle at the end after the main fires and that wrecks a switch, it's a flight failure, but not an unsafe one.  Er, less safe than deployed chute, but the switches getting broken aren't a contributing factor to the hard landing.


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