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Equipment Maintenance Party: April 28th
Equipment Maintenance day:  Saturday April 28th, starting at 10am, going 'till the pads are back together!

What we need:  able bodied folks who know "righty-tighty, lefty-loosie" !  The work isn't hard, but kinda messy and dirty.

What we're gonna do:  Disassemble the pads, clean the threads on the nuts and bolts, re-lubricate, and put back together!

Lunch (italian sausage/burgers on the grill and soda) will be provided.  Please bring a bag of chips or a desert or a snack to share.  Bring beer if you want!  A chair to sit in for lunch?

Where!?  At Nat and Michelle's house.  3053 Chandler Rd, Piffard, NY 14533.  It's about a mile from the Yard of Ale, and 2 miles from the field.

If you see this, please RSVP on this thread so we don't get too much food!

Count me in.  How many pads are there total to rehab?

Dale Stoyer - L3
NAR #91256
TRA #13499
we own.......... uh....... 12.  6 yellow jackets, 4 small old sekols, 2 old larger sekols.

Sign us up! We'll be there, and will find something unhealthy to bring to eat!

It is looking like pasta salad will be accompanying us!
Chris Prinzi
We're in!  Add us to the list.  I am SURE that we can find something unhealthy and SNOOTY to bring.  Of course Linda wants Michelle's salsa.  I'm sticking with the meat.

I will be bringing a Spice cake covered inside and out with Cream Cheese frosting.  Linda is bringing a Growler of Snooty beer from Rohrbach Micro Brewery.

Jim Goggins NAR  L3
I am bringing some snootyness as well.  Um.  And something else.  As soon as I decide what that should be. ???

Cowboy Caviar is already made and marinating.

Dale Stoyer - L3
NAR #91256
TRA #13499

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