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MARS WANTS YOU! to help build rockets...
Scout build on Saturday, April 21.  10.00 am at Our Mother of Sorrows, in Greece  ( see link for directions)  http://www.eastgreececharlottecatholics....on_Map.htm

We will start with a little show and tell about rocketry then build a Fliskits Doodad.  With proper help the whole build should be done by noon.

Here is an excellent chance to help our youth get interested in rocketry. Without their involvement our hobby will be unsustainable. We need your help to mentor these scouts with their first build.

I have an extra kit if you want to prebuild  to be familiar with the kit.

They will launch at our first launch in May.

Respond to me at
Chris Prinzi
I built the Whachamajig this evening. Took a little over an hour.

We are going to need sandpaper. The ID of the centering rings were too small on my kit. It took about 5 min. of sanding to get them to fit around the motor tube.

Also installing the motor tube, the instructions tell you to put a ring of glue in the airframe about an inch in. Then they say "Push the motor tube in "QUICKLY!" . That is an understatement, especially with wood glue which adheres much more rapidly. mine ended up with the motor tube sticking out about 1/4" aft. It should have been flush.

That shouldn't be a problem, but it will be an issue with the kids. We may want to put the ring of glue farther forward so that the other centering ring is fully inside the airframe before the forward ring comes in contact with the glue. That means that the forward ring will be the only one in contact with any glue. that can be remedied if after the tube is installed, you take a tootpick, dip it in glue, then apply a bead to the lower cr.

Other than that, it went together well.
Evan Brown
NAR# 92851
Level 2
I completed the rocket in about 40 minutes.  The centering rings for the motors had to have one wrap of cardboard removed from the outside and inside  to make it a good fit but not to tight.  Do that and they slip in nicely.  Bring knives or scissors as they need to cut the centering ring where it meets the motor aft end.
Jim Goggins NAR  L3

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