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Renew Your Membership!
Membership renewals are now open!  Go to the main website and click on the Join MARS/Registration menu link.  You'll have to fill out all your info again, please, especially email address.  As you know, we use email to communicate and ya'll don't want to be in the dark.

I just recently joined MARS and NAR. Do I have to renew both of them next year??
Ken, not sure about MARS policy, Nat can fill you in on that. The NAR card you got or will get will have your renewal date typed on it, it will be the day your joined, a year later. That is when you will have to renew your NAR membership.
I just wanna fly ROCKETS!!

Like Mike said-  NAR is a 12 month membership.  MARS is a calendar year membership- we encourage everyone to renew in the spring prior to the start of our flying year.  The New Years launch is exempt from membership requirements- any and all are welcome to attend.  NAR/TRA certification required to fly HPR at New Years, of course.

I contacted Ken off-line and have resolved his question about his MARS membership.


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