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URRG training class (igniters and Recovery)
I used Zinc instead that wont light gasoline and NO I am not gonna find out.

Dutch is running the recovery class. I wont pay attention as i already have a perfect recovery system! You have heard of the "Defy Gravity Tether"? I know enough about physics to know you cant defy gravity for long... So I embrace Gravity! I guarantee all my rockets recover to earth some much faster than others!! :'(
Bill Clune L2 | NAR#88583
Some day when I'm a big dog I'll disclose my flexible igniter pyrogen. It's actually out there on the interwebz but my contribution is the trick to making it be dippable.  :-)

It does need little dog weenie wire to get things going. 


PS  that's (little dog) (weenie wire) not: (little dog weenie) (wire)  :o

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