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IDEAS NEEDED... for NYPOWER 16 T-shirt design !
This year the Mars NYPOWER launch turns 16! SO to help celebrate this milestone the Mars BOD would like your help! We would like everyone to rack their brains and try to come up with a catchy, quirky, funny or just plain cool cartoon or caricature  and or phrase. Whats in it for you, might you ask? Well there are a couple of fabulous prizes available if your idea is used.
So far some ideas that have been kicked around are: "sweet 16" "barely legal" "legal in most southern states"... you get the picture!  The funnier and more interesting the better!
Post your ideas here by February 28. The ideas will be reviewed during the March 17 meeting. If you are able to improve on someone else's idea, both will be given a prize!
Chris Prinzi
Famous 16's in NYPOWER history:

Number of Delilah flights before one flys as planned...

Minutes of Mercury Redstone launch introduction by Viggiano.

Number of electronic switches required by any Dutch sponsored L3 attempt.

Rail angle away from the crowd on any Goggins flights.

Record (minutes) shortest time on finding anything in Ken's trailer.

John Derimiggio
Hmmm I like it so far. You just may on to something here!!!!
Chris Prinzi
Number of times JD has gone off searching for his rocket without: cell phone, water, telling anyone where he's going...

Number of rockets team Goggins lost in the corn.
Chris Prinzi
Longest continuous piece (feet) of shock cord available from Over the Top Toy Shop....

Number of Roka flights needed to achieve 'C' impulse level.

Number of Kinsey/Dutch igniters required to light one motor.
John Derimiggio
Hey, I'm batting 1000 with the nichrome wrapped igniters.  I (apparently) don't do conductive pyrogen very well for the small ones.  Maybe I can make up something a little more sensitive than powdered pencil lead and white glue.

Back on topic:

Total number of flights flown by Team Over the Top in the past 3 years

This is fun, but why would anyone buy this shirt, except us?

We need to expand the concept identify the general public, like the NY13 concept.
John Derimiggio
The number of fin epoxy failures launched by Team Clune in one weekend.  Perhaps we should have 2 shirts available.

or... How about a shirt with the State of New York with Geneseo location on the back with a tower and BFR superimposed over the State with a caption reading;  Bigger...Better...and Still Legal.  The front can just have NYPOWER16 printed where a pocket would go.  Just an idea.
Jim Goggins NAR  L3
Caption Idea's.

My submission:

"A bad day flying rockets is better than a good day in prison."
John Derimiggio

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