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New Years Launch
What is the criteria for the launch to go on, (or be canceled) on New Years? Snow too deep? Field thawing out? Blizzard warning? LCO with frostbite? Here in the Buffalo area, it's been a pretty crappy winter so far. Excuse me, it's not even winter yet so the calendar says....
David Haas
NAR #13780
Well the last three that we have gone it has been snowing,windy and cold. I prefer the cold day two years ago. It was sunny out enough snow on the ground that we had a snowmobile recovery crew. Last year there was no snow but very windy... just bundle up and prepare to have some fun Big Grin 
The MARS club isn't a canceling type organization.  We have been known to give up early, but we always show up for a date. 

If it's crummy weather and we fly some small LPR only, so be it.  We'll eat more chili!  Geneseo is a bit of an island in the sea of lake-effect snow.  Just a hair too far from lake Erie to get much, and the wind would have to blow out of the north-northeast to get us with Lake Ontario......

If the field is hard frozen we can drive out on it.  if not, we'll fly from the side of the road.  Side of the road has been the routine the past two years.  Deep snow..... we'll stick our snowblower in the truck and clear a place for the launch pads and the tent.  Got snow-shoes? 

Historical Weather Data for Dansville on Jan 1  (from WX underground)

2002: 26F, 6mph, fog and snow
2003: 36F, 6mph,  rain and snow
2004: 39F, 6mph, clear
2005: 55F, 10mph
2006: 39F, 1mph,  rain
2007: 55F, 11mph, rain
2008: 37F, 8mph, rain and snow
2009: 23F, 10mph, snow
2010: 34F, 3 mph, Fog, snow  (not the way I remembered it)

2011 prediction: 38F with some snow
John Derimiggio
a bad day at the field is better than a good day at work!!

of course there was that weekend in potter where we stayed inside the trailer and burned Dutch's EX loads to stay warm!!
Bill Clune L2 | NAR#88583
Might be the safest way to burn those loads......  ;D

Linda and I live by the Mailman's Creed.  Nothing stops our launching.  Launching isn't my problem, it's getting the rocket back.  In one piece that is.  ;D

Jim "The Shredder"

PS:  I'm with Bill "a bad day at the field is better than a good day at work"...wait...I don't work.
Jim Goggins NAR  L3
Do you have *any* functional rockets, Jim?    ;D
Ouch that hurts!
(12-15-2010, 05:27 PM)Nat Kinsey link Wrote: Do you have *any* functional rockets, Jim?    ;D

That comment set Linda off.  She is still sitting on the couch laughing away.  Ok, so I have only two rockets left.  There is always Christmas presents, New Year gifts, and pre May launch weekend presents.  Did I mention that my "Wish List" I left for Linda so far exceeds 900?  ;D
Jim Goggins NAR  L3

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