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Thank you -
What a shocker today.  I received a letter and a plaque from NAR as the winner of the NAR High Power Technology Award.  I didn't even know there was one.  Apparently some MARS members decided to nominate me and I was the lucky selectee.

The letter from Trip reads..

Quote:Dear John, On behalf of the National Association of Rocketry, I want to recognize you as the winner of the first annual NAR High Power Technology Award.  Enclosed in the winner's check for $500 and an NAR recognition plaque.  Your project on the development of the MARSA4 altimeter and onboard flight control computer was nominated by your fellow members of the MARS section and was judged by a panel of the NAR's leading high power fliers to the project among all those nominated which made the greatest contribution to the state of the art of high power rocketry technology. Congratulations on your achievement and on this recognition.  Sincerely, Trip Barber

I feel humbled and grateful for the MARS members who were thoughtful enough to do this. It is really you guys and gals who are the inspiration for me to try goofy stuff like this.

The $500 is going to rocket related charities, $250 is going to my favorite rocket charity, MARS.  The other $250 has not been identified yet.  NAR is on the list, but I would like to hear your ideas.

Again thanks to all.

John Derimiggio
Congrats John!! Your goofy Idea's are really great things.
Bill Clune L2 | NAR#88583
Yes!!!!!!  I am glad you won it!  Well deserved and it had many of us on pins and needles awaiting word.  Congrats!  Smile
Jim Goggins NAR  L3
Woohoo John! Congratulations! (Sneaky bunch ain't we?)
Wooot!  ;D

Congrats JD!

Art Upton sent an email stating there will be a NAR release in a few days.  Good thing you guys did the nomination prior to Linda's first MARSA4 flight.
John Derimiggio
Huge kudos, John. Now get back to work and get that GPS perfected!  Wink

John, Congrats on a well deserved recognition, you have been an inspiration to me and my journey through HPR! John Shusdock

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