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July 8th and 9th launch - mpleban - 07-17-2017

Hi again,
 Sorry this is a little late, was a little under the weather last week.  okay alot under the weather.
Saturday was a bit wet in the beginning but dried out by the time we were ready to fly. The sun snd clouds were a mixture all day.
we had Touch of rain when we finishing up flying for the day. But we had great weather for the pot luck dinner. And the full moon showed up. 
  Sunday was pretty much the same but with no rain. Still we had a lite turnout for the weekend. Please do not pay attention to the weather nay sayers.

  we had one level 2 cert flight by Chris Udy who flew a madcow Frenzy on a J270. Congrats on that flight.

Now for the breakdown of the launches.

1/4 T      1
1/2 T       2
T              1
A              9
B              16
C              15
D              10
E              4
F              1
G             5
H             2
I              6
J            2
K            1
L             1
2 stagers    3
Tumble       2
Helicopter   2
Level 2 cert flight 1
 that is all the flights for this weekend.
thanks to everyone who helped with the setup and breakdown.


RE: July 8th and 9th launch - mbclune - 07-18-2017

Thanks for the report Mike, and sorry to hear that you we under the weather!