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NYPOWER 21 - mbclune - 02-16-2017

Don't forget to submit a logo idea to the club. Members will be voting on logo idea soon! You never know,good luck!

RE: NYPOWER 21 - jgoggins - 03-16-2017

On the Member Portal, the link to "Feb 11, 2017 NYPOWER Countdown" shows NYPOWER 20, not NYPOWER 21.

RE: NYPOWER 21 - bclune - 03-16-2017

Hi Jim, glad to see your using the member portal, that will grow!

That page is an "archive" of emails sent out, you cant change an archive, that would be revisionist history!

RE: NYPOWER 21 - jgoggins - 03-21-2017

(03-16-2017, 08:37 PM)bclune Wrote: Hi Jim, glad to see your using the member portal, that will grow!

That page is an "archive" of emails sent out, you cant change an archive, that would be revisionist history!

I was unaware it was an "archive" file.  How come?

RE: NYPOWER 21 - bclune - 03-21-2017

The broadcaster is a modern day "newsletter", that is an archive of old newsletters. It left with typo it forever keeps that typo.

RE: NYPOWER 21 - mbclune - 03-28-2017

NYPOWER 21 T-shirts are now available. There will be a few extra on the field for purchase, so please place you t-shirt order so we can make sure we have the color and size(s) you may need!!!

RE: NYPOWER 21 - mbclune - 04-17-2017

So lets have some fun.... I would like people to share old NYPOWER TShirts. Let's see who has the oldest one!!!

RE: NYPOWER 21 - mbclune - 05-18-2017

Come spend Memorial Day weekend flying rockets with us in Geneseo NY. We have a new,higher standing waiver of 12,000 ft. Saturday night we will have a BBQ on the field provided by the Three Legged Pig you may purchase you dinner ticket on the field. There will be a auction of some really cool vintage rocket items, so bring some extra money, and will we also have a night launch, no worries if you don't have any lights for your rockets we will have them for sale on the field. Sunday night we will have a pot luck dinner please bring a dish to pass, also please let us know what your planning on bring!

The club has a bucket of rockets for children to to use free, come up to the registration table, and we'll be more than happy to help you!

Buy your raffle tickets for the newly released Red FiberMAX Kit

Newly Released by AMWPROX RED FiberMAX will be raffled off at NYPOWER21 retails for $99.99
The Mega Der Red Max launches on composite motors, has through the wall fin mounting with black G10 fins for superior strength. Though massive looking, the construction of this kit is not difficult. Building and finish work can easily be accomplished over a few days.
Sure to be a collector's item, the Mega Max is just waiting for you!
Specifications and Features:
Length: 40 in. (101.6 cm)
Diameter: 4 in. (10.2 cm)
Estimated Weight: TBD oz. (TBD g)
RED colored Filament wound fiberglass airframe
Black colored Filament wound nose cone with blunt tip
Black 3/16in G10 fins
54mm motor mount
Nose cone dual deploy capable

You know how Robert and Gloria from AMW love to have fun well they did it this time they forgot to close one of the cages tightly and one of the animals has escaped for NYPOWER21 which one will it be:
3 inch 54mm dual deploy ready retail for $179.99 5 foot tall
The Red Rhino (Red Fiberglass Tube)
The Squirrel (Brown Fiberglass Tube)
The Blue Baboon (Blue Fiberglass Tube)
The Purple Parrot (Purple Fiberglass Tube)
Purchase your raffle tickets now in order to bring one of these animals home with you….

Preregistration ends this Monday May 22nd 2017 at 8 am and discounted raffle tickets also end at that time.

RE: NYPOWER 21 - mbclune - 05-29-2017

I can't say enough thank you's to everyone that helped setup, run and break down NYPOWER 21!!! We had one of the biggest flying days in a long time. Saturday started with a low celling of 2000 ft, but as the day progressed the celling lifted. And we were able to fly to our waiver!!!🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀
We ended up with 300 fights during the day and 33 fights at the night launch. Five certification fights over the weekend. The new low power pads worked awesome, the new distribution boxes have a few kinks that need to be worked out. Another 200 flights on Sunday, so much for the weather guessers saying that this weekend would be a washout, not a chance!

Thank you everyone for all you guys did!