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Full Version: Air frame Spirals
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Hi everyone.

I know there are many ways to fill in an air frame spiral.  Some use Elmer's wood filler paste, others use epoxy.   

I'm looking for the easiest product to use, that requires minimal sanding and clean up. It's Winter so whatever I use must be inside the house friendly.  While I can't smell, my wife can.   Recommendations?
On paper tubes I use the wood filler paste. If you carefully trowel it in with a putty knife, and follow over it lightly with a wet finger, sanding is minimal.
On FG I have used Bondo, and RocketPoxy but the former smells! I prefer the latter, but wait until it thickens up again before applying.
humm Quote isn't operable.

Greg. Thanks.

I'll have to try your RocketPoxy. I have some. Provided Linda can find it. I haven't been in the basement in 2 years. I'm not sure where anything is.
I might have to stick with the wood filler.